August 20, 2014



8:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Enjoy the complimentary study snacks and soda while studying in a quiet environment without the normal distractions!

September 5, 2013

“Meals-To-Go” at Bromley Hall

are available Monday–Friday for Lunch and Dinner!

Just present your Bromley Hall ID to the door checker one meal prior to the “Meal-To- Go” needed. 

For example, if needed for lunch, come and get your “Meal-To-Go” at breakfast.  If needed for dinner, come and get your “Meal-To-Go” at lunch. 

Get your pre-made sandwich, or custom make your own sandwich at the deli/Panini bar (when open).  We will provide you with a zip lock bag for your sandwich along with a paper sack for your additional lunch item choices (bag of chips, cookie, pudding or applesauce, piece of fresh fruit, celery or carrots, condiments, and bottled water).

December 10, 2012

The Mezz Lounge and Mezz Conference Room are open and available for your studying needs…

October 4, 2012

The Bromley Hall Patio and Mezz TV Lounge are open for your enjoyment!  Drop by the Mezzanine Level and take a look!


August 27, 2012

Check out Bromley Hall’s Community Kitchen on the Mezzanine Level.  Use the Community Kitchen for baking cookies, brownies or preparing your favorite meal.  Sign up at the front desk to use the kitchen. (Available by reservation 9AM to 9PM for sign up in 1-hour sessions.)  Please review and follow the posted Kitchen Rules for your safety and enjoyment! Bon appétit!

August 9, 2012


You will find a MicroFridge Combo Appliance (IN BLACK) in EVERY ROOM at Bromley Hall!  You do not need to buy or bring one!



April 23, 2012


Choosing Bromley Hall wasn’t too hard of a decision when it came time to choose where to live my freshman year of college. I really wanted to get the college experience and know what my dorm would look and feel like. I decided to look at Private Certified Housing. At first, I thought that Private Certified Housing would be a lot more expensive when compared to University housing, but Bromley was roughly the same cost as the University dorms, so I took a tour of Bromley Hall and I loved it as soon as I walked in through the front doors. There was a giant pool on the left as soon as you walk in and their lobby was extravagant. They even have a community kitchen, study rooms, and lounges on each floor. The best part, Bromley was only a few blocks away from the main quad. That sealed the deal. I booked my housing at Bromley, and it has been a great experience ever since.


April 4, 2012

—Brian N. on ROOM SIZE

Living at Bromley Hall for the past two years has been an awesome experience. From the pool in the lobby to the piano in the basement to the community kitchen and beyond, Bromley Hall has provided everything imaginable to make living at the building feel just like home. The most important feature of the building though, in my opinion, is the room size. You won’t find the amount of space Bromley offers anywhere else. They are in fact the largest dorm rooms on campus. I’m sure you have heard this before and it sounds nice, but you may still be wondering: how big can the rooms really be? Let me tell you first hand that anything you can think of doing in these rooms is possible. My freshman year, my band set up the entirety of our equipment in my room. We were able to fit an entire drum set, three guitar amps, microphones, guitars and keyboards, along with the desks, dressers and beds that are provided. Believe me when I say there is plenty of room to bring whatever you may need to make sure you feel right at home.  

March 30, 2012

—Jay M.

College Myth #1:   Don’t choose a friend from High School as a roommate. Status: Debunked! Choosing a friend from high school may not actually be a bad thing. You hear about those horror stories where your best friends can be turned into your worst nightmare because you’re in an environment that you and your friend never shared before, but truth is, both sides have negative aspects. Choosing a random roommate is just that, it’s completely random. You don’t know what they’re going to be like, you know nothing about them, and true, they can turn into your best friend, but more often than not, they’ll have certain characteristics that might just push your buttons (I know, a bad pun).  When I decided to move to Bromley, it was because my 2 other friends and I decided to room together. We decided Bromley was a nice place and we all booked a room. I can’t say it’s been perfect, but we definitely have been through thick and thin and have pulled through. We’re even closer friends now because of this experience than in high school and I don’t regret a thing. They’ve become like family to me, and if I had to do it all over again, they would be first choice! So when it comes to choosing your roommates, consider the benefits and consequences. If you choose to room with a friend, make sure you know them well enough, their goods and their bads, before you make a decision to room with them. If you don’t know anyone too well, then a random roommate would be just as great. I’ve heard of some great friendships being formed through random roommates. In the end, it’s your choice. Good Luck!


February 29, 2012

--Brian N.

The Top Five Reasons I Chose Bromley Hall

1)      Space – Bromley Hall holds some of the biggest residence hall rooms on campus. There is plenty of room to comfortably loft your bed, have a futon and still have enough room for a flat screen TV and sound system. Being in a band, I was concerned about enough space to store my guitars and amp. The room exceeded my expectations and allows me to store all of my equipment.

2)      Bathrooms – Having my own bathroom was a must. The idea of sharing a bathroom with an entire floor did not appeal to me. Having a bathroom that connects two rooms together is the perfect fit. Sharing a bathroom with fewer people reduces conflict between roommates about who gets to use the bathroom and when.

3)      Location – Bromley has one of, if not the best, locations on campus. Located just three blocks from the quad and two blocks from Green Street, everywhere you need to go is located within a ten-minute walk.

4)      Reputation – Having older friends who had lived at Bromley in the past, I was excited to be able to live here. Hearing about their great living and social experiences made me eager to live here. After living here for two years, I will testify that Bromley Hall has an awesome atmosphere to live in and the nicest, most outgoing residents.

5)      Food – Although there are some complainers out there, Bromley Hall always has something great to eat. No matter what type of food you are craving, the dining hall will always have something that meets your needs.


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