At Bromley Hall, we partner with our residents and the community in on-going green initiatives. Our goals are to conserve energy, water, and raw materials in order to minimize waste and pollution and also to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for all of our residents. Here's what we've accomplished so far:

Electricity Usage - Since 2005, our annual building electric usage has decreased by approximately 22% in part due to:

  • New energy efficient lighting installed throughout the building
  • New multi-stage air conditioning chillers and energy management system

Water Usage - Since 2005, our annual building water usage has decreased by 13 million gallons (almost 57%) in part due to:

  • New plumbing fixtures installed in all resident bathrooms.
  • New cooling towers that now run our air conditioning system
  • Going trayless in our dining facility (saving on extra washing)

Heating/Cooling Costs - Since 2005, we have reduced consumption of natural gas by almost 22% in part due to:

  • New low multi pane windows installed in all resident rooms
  • Both boilers are upgraded and recalibrated so they operate at peak efficiency, conserving gas

Recycling - In December 2010, with the help of our residents and in partnership with the City of Champaign, we implemented a building-wide recycling program.

We know that little things done now can have a real impact on the future, and we are constantly searching for and introducing new and exciting changes to help our environment!